Officer Sam Reedy speaks on Active Shooter Awareness in April

Officer Reedy, Lubbock PD, speaks on Active Shooter at the April ASSE Meeting

by Renee Witherspoon, CSP, CIH, CHMM, ASSE SPC Past President (2012-2015)

On April 18, 2018 the ASSE South Plains Chapter welcomed special guest speaker, Detective Sam Reedy with the Lubbock Police Department, Community Intelligence Unit.  Officer Reedy spoke about a very important topic, Active Shooter Awareness.

Active shooter incidents are defined as those where an individual is “actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area” this can include any type of weapon, and not only gun violence.

He emphasized the importance of preparedness, and having a plan so that we can survive.  Training for personnel can focus on the easy-to-remember mantra of “Run, Hide, Fight.”

  • Run – Have an escape route and have a plan in mind on where you will go.
  • Hide – Hide in an area out of the shooter’s view. Block or lock doors. Silence cell phones.
  • Fight – Act with physical aggression and throw items at the active shooter. Attempt to incapacitate the shooter.

The ideal situation is for each facility is to prevent an active shooter incident through effective planning and training of their personnel in awareness to these situations.  Effective plans include:

  • Training on how to identify individuals who may be on a trajectory to commit a violent act, and how to report active shooter incidents.
  • An evacuation policy including how to evacuate, shelter in place, or “lock down”
  • Emergency escape procedures.
  • Lockdown procedures.
  • Emergency response agencies and contact information.
  • How these plans and procedures fit into the overall Emergency Response Plan.

In Texas many of us have a concealed carry permit.  Officer Reedy challenged us to think about the consequences.  Are we going to use our firearm and get involved in an active shooter situation.  He emphasized that we not only need to learn and practice with our firearm, but we should spend some time thinking through what is really worth fighting for. And will it be worth it to risk everything in a confrontation with an active shooter?

Although Police and emergency personnel will respond as quickly as possible to an active shooter incident, it is everyone’s responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and to be prepared to take action.


On behalf of the South Plains Chapter we would like to thank Officer Reedy for his time and efforts to bring safety awareness to our community. If you or your organization would like to contact Officer Reedy to do a similar presentation, contact him at